『Hello here's Misogi Kumagawa from Student Council. So please take a seat and tell me what bother you and stop screwing around. It's my job to screw you or anybody I want. Don't worry about results of any case, I always loose. For me everything is just Fiction.』

[This is an independent rp blog with multiship. Just ask me if I want rp with you and we can start. I will rp with every fandom. Multiship blog.
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M!A: None

((Everyone who wants to get into relationship with Kumagawa must talk with me for a little bit and then ask me to add you there.))

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    [[MORE]] Misogi grope Panty behind knees and spreading her legs wide, accept her request and ram his cock inside her...
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    [[MORE]] Her hips jerked at each of his thrusts, her head tossed back. “Ah! Harder Master!” She begged, her eyes tightly...
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